Ethics Guidelines Endnotes


Mandatory Reporting

As Astrologers, we occupy a sensitive position in that we are not clinically licensed professionals (unless you are also),  nor are we merely the general public. Clients can disclose information to us, that in some other professions, may be subject to regulations on how to handle certain disclosures. Because Astrology exists in a grey area, we strive to uphold ourselves to higher, not lesser, standards that other professions may already have codified.  In many states and countries, therapists and other professionals who deal with sensitive personal disclosures abide by a set of laws that mandate them to report instances to appropriate authorities, where a client could present a danger to themselves or others. We advise you be apprised of the laws and procedures in your geographical area so that it informs your decisions, in these instances.
In the United States, you can find further specific information about Mandatory Report laws here

Expressed Permission

Having an agreement from the client to use any or all of their data, which includes, chart data and personal information related to that. The client should be informed of the context, visibility, and longevity their information will be used in,  such as writing, lectures, teaching, social media, etc. In addition to keeping their name anonymous, the client should have control over any aspects of their information they want excluded. Permission can be either in written or verbal form. 


Suggestions for keeping a referral list or knowing where to direct someone for further help.

  • Share contacts of those you have personal experience with and would recommend, for example;  Other astrologers with specialties different than yours, therapists, counselors, healthcare professionals, or alternative practitioners. Keep in mind what works for one does not work for all, encourage an individual to use their own discernment and research the referral for themselves as well. 
  • Share website directories for therapists, body/healing work, alternative practitioners, medical, professional organization website with practitioner directories for modalities you might suggest. Or even suggest what type of Google search they might conduct to find the resource.
  • Keep a list of crisis numbers/websites – USA Crisis Hotline List  International Hotline Lists

Attribution and Referencing: