Communications & Media

Media and Communications: Build and manage IAEA’s profile and visibility via media, email, and social media channels. 

Chair: Mecca Woods, Director


Rachel Lang


The Diversity Committee arranges Diversity & Inclusion trainings and ongoing education for Board, provides oversight of educational materials and ethics documents

Chair: Amanda Moreno, Director


Margaret Gray, Director
Omari Martin, Director


The Education Committee oversees, curates and creates all the content for IAEA’s ongoing educational efforts.

Chair: Michelle Gould, Director


Ally Gully, Director
Mallory Hasty
Laura Tadd, Director
Kay Taylor
Patricia Walsh, Director
Mecca Woods, Director


The Ethics Committee researches, conceptualizes and structures all the ethical guidelines for both the board and the community we serve. They are also involved in outreach and coordination with existing astrological organizations and schools.

Chair: Patricia Walsh, Director


Michelle Gould, Director
Wendy Stacey, Director
Laura Tadd, Director


The Finance Committee mission is to demonstrate and maintain proper stewardship over all financial resources of the Association and exercise fiscal responsibility for cash inflows and cash outflows.  Duties are (1) to prepare an annual budget for the fiscal year and (2) prepare and present budgetary procedures for the Association.

Chair: Omari Martin, Director


Ali Gully, Director
Laura Nalbandian, Director
Anne Ortelee, Director


The Membership/Directory Committee develops procedures, updates, and maintains all components of IAEA’s Membership and Directory. 

Chairs:  Anne Ortelee & Margaret Gray, Directors


The Website Committee develops content, updates and maintains all components of IAEA’s website.

Chair:  Laura Nalbandian, Director


Anne Ortelee, Director
Laura Tadd, Director


The Advisory Committee is comprised of former board directors, and other members in the community to advise the Board of Directors when needed.


Armand Diaz: former Board Director, served on the Finance & Ethics Committees
Alice Sparkly Kat: former Board Director, served on the Education & Diversity Committees.